How to Effortlessly Enjoy Smooth Homemade Juice Using the Extract Goodness Sieve and Serve Pitcher

Are you struggling to find the best way of enjoying a glass of healthy smooth juice? Is it strenuous to prepare smooth juice right from your home? Sometimes it is impossible to leisurely put a glass of natural and pulp-free juice on the table. Nobody has ever invented a tool that can allow for easy extraction of smooth, headache-free, and delicious juice except the Extract Goodness.

Fuel Good, Feel Good, Be Good - Juicing simplified

Extract Goodness is the pacesetter in easing the preparation of a smooth homemade juice. They have invented a sieve and serve pitcher for sieving the juice from your juicer and serving it to yourself, family members, friend, or any other person. This pitcher is an exceptional one forasmuch as it is the first-ever to get into the market. Its ability to combine a sieve and a beautiful glass container wows all the users that have come across it.

What is in the design of this sensational sieve and serve pitcher?

There are three major parts of this pitcher that make it easy for you to quickly prepare and serve a glass of juice. They include the container, sieve, and lid. All these parts have peculiar characteristics that collectively make this pitcher one of a kind.

Seive and Serve Pitcher

The container is beautifully made from pure borosilicate glass that is easy to clean in a dishwasher after use and contains a graduated scale to show you the amount of juice present to avoid inconveniences while serving. As well, the container has a narrow body to reduce the space it takes in the refrigerator when you want to store the extra juice. The mouth of this container has a relatively wide mouth to avoid messy situations while straining.

The sieve of this innovation has tiny holes that help to strain out even the finest pulp to produce a very smooth and delicious juice. It is made of stainless steel to allow easy cleaning and removal of residues that may be dangerous.

Finally, the lid is also stainless and airtight. Be assured of enjoying an all-time fresh juice whenever you open the pitcher to serve because this pitcher contains a food-grade silicone ring that makes it airtight to keep the freshness. This feature also makes the sieve and serve pitcher leakproof.

There is nothing easy like using this Extract Goodness sieve and serve pitcher. If you have your ready juice, take the sieve, and place it at the mouth of this pitcher. Take your juice and pour it to the sieve and allow it to strain. Taking away the sieve completes the whole process and leaves you to serve and enjoy your mouthwatering juice. In case there is a remainder of the juice, take the airtight lid and close the pitcher and store it in the fridge. Never worry about how you will clean the pitcher after drinking all the juice. Easily remove the silicone seal and like other utensils, wash your pitcher normally.

Amid this uncertain status of the food we consume, juicing at home is the surest way of consuming healthy foods. Healthily jumpstart your day and give your body nutrient-dense by drinking a juice from the Extract Goodness Sieve and Serve Pitcher. It is worth it.